Bowtech Bow

Bowtech BowThe Bowtech Bow is a high quality hunting bow that is great for archers of all skill levels.

Bowtech Bows are created by Bowtech Archery, a company that specializes in top notch archery equipment for hunting and sports enthusiasts. They are based within the United States.

Bowtech Bow and the Bowtech Archery company have been around since the early 2000s and have gained quite a reputation for creating vibration free bows and aerodynamic arrows that travel faster in the air than any arrow before it.

The Bowtech Bow took down the competition because it outclassed most other brands of hunting equipment at the time.

Their very first Bowtech Bow was the Black Knight, which was then marketed as the “fastest bow in the world”. The updated version of this bow is the Bowtech Airborne, which is known for its quick deployment time and vibration reduced body.

The Bowtech Airborne has an IBO speed of 342-350 fps. It is a reliable hunting bow and has earned itself the nickname “Death by Air”.

The Bowtech Bow and Hunting

Pretty much all of the Bowtech Bow products are great for hunting. Focusing on speed and accuracy, the Bowtech Bow uses state of the art technology to create the perfect hunting bow that is unaffected by the problems of previous models.

First off, Bowtech Bows were one of the first few archery equipment companies to integrate Vertical Force Technology in the creation of their products. It drastically reduced shock, noise, and vibration in the body of the bow – not only is it faster and more accurate, but also more comfortable to use.

The reduced noise also avoids making any unnecessary sounds that may scare away your prey, allowing for maximum stealth while tracking an animal. Durable and completely streamlined, bows like the Bowtech Diamond, Bowtech Old Glory, and Bowtech Guardian are fantastic for hunting because of their silence and accuracy.

They provide a stability that is unheard of in other types of hunting bows. A hunter would only be limited by their own skills and reflexes when using a Bowtech Bow.

Why you should purchase a Bowtech Bow

The Bowtech Bow is highly recommended because of its superior craftsmanship and the amount of meticulous engineering that went into each and every model. The Bowtech Bow has been modelled with the hunter in mind, and was developed to reduce all the major problems that typical hunting bows experience.

The first problem is noise – Noise can easily spook prey and cause you to miss as it would alert the animal of the incoming arrow. The noise produced will also be problematic if you are tracking several animals. However, the reduced noise in a Bowtech Bow makes it a truly silent, airborne killer.

The next problem is accuracy. Accuracy is affected by a number of things but hand shock and vibration are some of these elements. Hand shock puts strain on the muscles of your fingers, tiring you out earlier than intended, while vibration affects the flight of the arrow when deployed. The Bowtech Bow has been designed to reduce hand shock and vibration to allow you to shoot more effectively and accurately.

The Bowtech Bow is definitely a must have for everyone who enjoys pinpoint accuracy and silence when purchasing a bow.

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